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Mercury, Jupiter and Sun are placed in 12th house. Navamsa : Lagna is tauras vrish and its lord Venus is in 2nd house with Jupiter and Sun. Ketu is in lagna.

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Mercury i Rahu is in 7th house and Mars,GK and Moon are in 8th house. General Prediction :Birth of child will bring upliftment in career.

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Native will bring good luck and follow his path. He will marry for love. Mother will help him financially. Will have landed properties but will have problems with his father. He will usually be the cause of death of his father. Do follow rules and regulations. Will rebel against authority. Will be popular in school. Will be famous and popular. Attracted to movies and fine ars. He has problematic siblings. Many of them get a life after marriage. The following years will be either good or bad in your life.

Health: Kautilya should give much attention towards his health. In respect of health his life would not be good. Between September to March , it was bad time for health. Education :He has higher education and almost he will read Science. He may not have forward thinking.

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Saturn is in Ayudh Dreshkanne , gives the native valor and vitality but becomes Kroor in nature. The ordering Power even if achieved is lost , hence fall from Power. Mars is also with Sun, hence Mars is attichari, hence brings frequent changes in Career, we are all aware of the changes what Arvind Kejriwal has gone through. Sun is also in the Gandantha.

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It has been observed in the Past also when ever the Dasha of Planets is Related to Debilitated Mars in the Dashamsha , there are explosive situations in his career. See the Dashamsha , it opens all the hidden things in his life.

Arvind Kejriwal Horoscope & Numerology: Chief Minister Delhi

Getting involved in a Scandle. Hence he has to be more careful. The tenth house is, now, ruled by the Mars, which is well disposed in fifth house along with the Sun, Mercury and Venus. Being too close to the Sun; the Mars, Mercury and Venus are combust and, therefore, losing upon their potency to generate results. However, some good advantage of the placement as well as of the auspicious union of the supportive planets for Kumbha Lagna may still be expected to generate similar results like education in the engineering field as well as getting success in civil services.

Prediction on Arvind Kejriwal ----19-7-2014

And, during Mahadasa of Lagna lord Saturn and Antardasa of Yogakaraka Venus which is well placed in fifth house and having union with tenth lord Mars as well as with fifth lord Mercury and seventh lord Sun , such results can be expected. Besides, this is also supportive and indicative for inclination towards politics.

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  7. The good placements of second, fourth, ninth and tenth houses lords in his Lagna Chart are also supportive for family and as per the available information, Arvind Kejriwal is having a reasonably secured family back ground. Gita Devi are not only well known in Haryana; they are also financially strong, well educated and kind hearted.

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    In addition to this, some other facts and information are also being supported by this prospective and possible horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal. The Navamsha Chart of Arvind Kejriwal is also strong and supportive with most of the information and events. On comparative note too, the matching of this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal based upon 16 June is far better against the horoscope based upon prevailing birth details 16 August at PM in Hissar, India.

    And, despite it being a farfetched one; I think, I can try considering this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal for analyzing and assessing the future probabilities of his political career. If any of the avid reader is having some additional information about birth details of Arvind Kejriwal; please do share. How will be the political career of Arvind Kejriwal? As per this horoscope of Arvind Kejriwal; his political career is looking quite bright and promising. And, some glimpse of this strong impact of Arvind Kejriwal horoscope is likely to be evident during forthcoming state assembly elections of Delhi scheduled to be held in first week of December It may be a bit difficult to say if he is going to win the election as such I am not having the horoscope of his political competitors namely Smt.

    Sheila Dikshit ; but, if this assessment of mine is correct i. And, those trying to take him lightly may get some strong setbacks. Only requirement is that my assessment of his prospective birth date 16 June turns out to be correct; which I personally feel reasonably accurate and am also keeping my fingers crossed.

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