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Often the sign as well as the degree is quite different, even for the slower moving planets. Usually, we include the position of the earth in a heliocentric chart, and the Earth is always exactly opposite the natal Sun. As a result, any aspect made to the Sun geocentrically in a normal natal chart will automatically form a heliocentric aspect to the Earth - these aspects are extremely important. Calculation of a heliocentric chart is not difficult, especially with today's software, but even by hand the process is not especially complicated.

The interpretation of it, however, requires a thorough understanding of traditional astrological principles.

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The sign of the planet heliocentrically is as important as geocentrically, and rulerships remain the same. The difference in interpretation is that a heliocentric placement in a sign indicates matters of public interest; geocentric positions are more concerned with private, subjective matters. Heliocentric planets describe our more public activities, alliances and actions.

The traditional planetary and sign meanings are appropriate in both heliocentric and geocentric charts. For instance, Jupiter in either chart will be concerned with expansion, optimism and education, but heliocentric Jupiter will be more important if those qualities lead us into public action. The heliocentric chart I'm not so familiar with but thanks to you, am looking into for my own interest!

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Edit: I have to say I have found draconic Chirons to be very powerful. And because the draconic chart is the raw self, even easier to identify with than a natal Chiron. Last edited by StillConfused; at PM. The Heliocentric chart is supposedly your real chart or your Soul's chart. It uses the Sun as the centre and not the Earth. I find the Heliocentric chart to represent my true identity, the one I can relate to when I'm operating outside of Self so to speak. It also only tends to be more apparent after some inner work is done.

It's still a new theory, but will probably grow as humanity evolves.


Last edited by SDragon; at AM. Thank you so much for your comments about the heliocentric chart, they make sense.

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Maybe I get this wrong from using Astrodienst, but I understood the Geocentric chart to be the natal chart in Sidereal? Could you please elaborate on its relationship to personality? Would you also please elaborate on the draconic chart being a journey?

The Value of the Heliocentric/Geocentric Comparison

Obviously it contains the same aspects as the natal - which at the moment I find best represents journey - but in the draconic the house cusps and planetary placements themselves, I find to be related to our natural or "primitive" selves I'd love to hear what you think!! A sidereal chart takes into account precession of the stars. The tropical chart assumes the background of stars is fixed, while sidereal used in vedic astrology takes into account the background of stars actually moves thus shifting the zodiac.

Currently the difference is somewhere around 23 degrees my tropical rising sign is 21 Taurus; in Vedic it is actually in late Aries. The charts are still geocentric.

Heliocentric Model

Originally Posted by StillConfused. Originally Posted by SDragon. First, let's see where my planets are in the Tropical and the Sidereal. It only replaces the Tropical in the dynamic that while the Tropical was usually 'inert' or 'passive', usually triggered unconsciously and reactionary, the Sidereal is the more matured active 'willing' or conscious participant.

When we mature, we find the true volition and energies within us for personal use. But again, that's not the soul.

Otherwise, all aspects within the natal chart are nothing more than adjustments and understanding of personality complexes themselves - ie. If I have Sun sq. Saturn in my chart which I do, I could say that I have father issues and that I have authority issues and therefore I will always have 'issues' where Saturnian energies are related and when someone sees me rebelling or submissively relenting to authority figures, they could say 'Ya, he has a Sun sq.

Saturn aspect', so it's something he's dealing with. In reality, those are just human perspectives on human dynamics and nothing more.


But none actually get you closer to the soul. Now, let's see how the Draconic chart represents the energies that will actually overlay or elevate the personality towards the soul. Especially with 4 personal planets in Taurus, and yet it truly is the soul that expresses through the horoscope and not the other way around.

Through the Draconic chart, I can see what each planet truly needs in order to move beyond the personality per se. By confronting each planet with the new type of 'energies' or understanding required, I can bridge the gap and learn to transcend the 'natal' energies, thus freeing myself to feel from the soul level. If we look at the Heliocentric chart, which is again beyond time, we see that there are signs from both the Tropical outer and Sidereal inner planets charts.

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I'm still young and working through my matured sidereal chart with the yod. I hope at some point in the future, I can start using the Heliocentric energies but I'm sure it's a while away yet. I can't help but notice that this interpretation is very possibly influenced by the fact that going from tropical to sidereal, a lot of your planets go from being in feminine signs to masculine signs. Take Mercury and Mars in Taurus vs. I wouldn't have enough under my belt for a full on debate, but perhaps aspects of the chart in Sidereal are suppressed by the ego, and thus able to express themselves more freely as the personality matures and abolishes such chains.

So I am not saying this does not hold truth. It's hard to tell though. I am looking at my chart and it's true that it feels more mature in some respects, even though many of the energies I have also felt for a while. Hall became confused. Well, the Earth in the chart is exactly opposite the Sun.

If the Sun is in Taurus, then the Earth is in Scorpio. Heliocentric charts involve a number of complicated astronomical calculations and conversions so that the heliocentric positions of the planets can be expressed in terms of geocentric longitude sign placement. The heliocentric positions do differ from the geocentric positions, and I do know that many astrologers find heliocentric charts interesting.

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