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When we are out, he makes me feel like I am the only person in the room. Others in the room will leave because they said it looks like we needed some time alone…lol…we were only talking…guess you can feel the love and intensity coming off of us. In the bedroom…oh, in the bedroom…the intensity begin before we even get home.

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The way he looks into my eyes and he holds me…. Canserious … In high school a Scorpian found me… I too am a Cancer woman.. I had just broke up with another guy and was hurt.. Long story and not necessary to share… My scorpian guy came on strong with me and I ran… I broke his heart but dont do it again… yet he was in puppy love or love with me right away.. Long story and not necessary to share… My scorpian guy came on strong with me and I ran… yet he was in puppy love or love with me right away..

I was involved with a scorpio — i am a cancer… we grew up together and our parents were friends.

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But we kept in touch and would meet around family stuff. Then something took hold last Christmas.. I had just undergone an operation and he camp into town.. And then one night on the phone he started talking about fantasies…. He called a few nights later beseeching me to listen. He told me that he had never wanted to be so honest with a woman before and felt in his heart we were meant to be together… that he needed to be with me.. I let him back in….. I hate the part I played and have lost respect for someone I so much admired at one point that he was my hero. Female cancer here….

He such a caring, take-charge, motivational, and achieved person. Cancer observe folks so they can learn what that person likes…. But I'm insecure and scared of evvvvvverything. Scorpio men will tell you anything you want to hear in the beginning.

After 8 months I've demonstrated my loyalty and trust …. I now sense that my Scorpio is starting to move a little past the "like" stage. But when I think about it… what's the point in trying to rush things? We enjoy each other's company …point blank!

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Verbally, mentally, physcially abusive man, highly jealous if I even talked to a really close guy friend that he knew! I just recently met a Scorpio man I am a Cancer Woman and we instantly feel head over heels in love! We complete each others thoughts and sentences. Never thought that this could happen — but after reading the stories and getting more insight into this very passionate man I want to continue the journey. We want to have a future together — things look very bright!

I totally agree with you. We were together for two years and he cheated on me with a Virgo, who was aware of me Cancer. I ended our relationship, moved out and he found me. Soon after that he hooked up, but he was still sleeping with the other girl. I became prego and kept the baby. Now he lives with Virgo. Heart broken and a single parent. Not all Scorpios are bad!

There are two kinds of us Id say. One will never be loyal and the other cant bring himself to even think about cheating. I respect honesty and loyalty in others so I try hard to be the like that too. I am seeing a cancer girl and she is so amazing. Our personalities gel so well, so much in common!

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I have what she is looking for in the passion, protection and confidence and she makes me feel so secure and I trust her so much. It keeps my jealous side away. Ive never felt like this before. Plus she is absoulutely beautiful and I make sure I tell her every day.

She loves how I dont hide my feelings and shower her with compliments. I felt good things with my ex who is a pisces but never have I felt this so secure and just awe struck. Its awesome!!!! We are out there. Woah no need to get so defensive. I was joking around. If you think all scorpios are bad guys then go right ahead. Its your opinion. Im just saying the truth is it is not the case.

I can tell by your first comment you must have been in an ugly spot with a scorpio guy. Sorry if it happened. But what one did doesnt apply to all. Thats flawed logic. So I am a cancer female and I met my first scorpio in oct.. I have been married going 14years and have never desired to be with another man until this scorpio man came into my life.

We connected instantly and had a rapport like no other. He is also married…. We think about each other all the time to the point that it is painful when we are not together. We are drawn together like two magnets. I understand his deepest inner feelings…he even says that I scare him sometimes because of how accurately I can read him.

I know this is wrong….

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We agreed that it was wrong and have not touched each other since that night…. In response to Crab in love with a scorp man I am in a similiar situation, his partner is Taurus and mine is a Leo male. What about you. To x joker x I love what you said about your Cancer girl. Scorp guys, do you prefer Pisces women or Cancer girls? Definitely Pisces women I prefer. I just wished they lasted longer than Cancers.

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Cancer girls get fed up but hold on, as they cling to attachements, but Pisces gals get fed up and swim away. Both signs are good for scorpio because they provide the emotional security that the scorpio man needs. We could talk about anything and she was so nurturing.

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When we were off during the 2nd year of being with eachother , I did have a relationship with a Pisces girl for a year. I felt reborn and fell deeply in love with this pisces woman. I agree with Scorpio Dave because she got fed up with me and my overly possessive and jealous nature.

As a way of getting back control, pisces women swim away and this is exactly what my piscean lover did to me. I did however go back to my cancer lover but am afraid that she was a backup. I knew that she would always be there for me. I always look back and wished we could have worked it out.

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I guess you can conclude that I like pisces women better. Cancer women are very reliable if you know what you want. They just work a little harder to keep you. I, on the other hand, like puliing the aloof pisces gal back in. A relationship with a cancer is easier because scorpios and cancers are very alike both have hard exteriors shells , both are very moody, and both cling to emotional attachments. What about you Type your comment here.

virgo king uncut astrology Virgo king uncut astrology
virgo king uncut astrology Virgo king uncut astrology
virgo king uncut astrology Virgo king uncut astrology
virgo king uncut astrology Virgo king uncut astrology
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